New Site, New Tapes! Christian Dior – “Patriot Glass/DIORIA”


Hi all. So I got a new site, and I’m still working on it, but I hope you like it… it’s even easier to remember… it’s just WWW.KITSCHYMANITOU.COM

That’s kitschy as in OUTPUT and manitou as in YOU.

KITSCH-AS-KITSCH-CAN III was a huge success! Thanks to everyone and all the bands that made it out! Mute Swan killed in their Madison debut, and HOLY SHIT! ripped savage hardcore turds in their return! Paint played a furious (and shirtless) set and UZI Ferrari slung Marco Pogo approved power-pop ‘n roll. The Momotarōs did not die thanks to Momoburger McLees and Momojo Darcy.  And the cherry on the top was Christian Dior’s raucous set, and unveiling their new tape!

Christian Dior "Patriot Glass/DIORIA" package

Christian Dior “Patriot Glass/DIORIA” package

YAR! kitsch 007 has been born unto the world! Madison two piece, CHRISTIAN DIOR brings you this new offering for your cassette pyre. Mixing shoegaze, punk, garage, and probably The Deftones, Chrirstian Dior packs as powerful a punch as any band on the isthmus. This cassette is a double EP. “Patriot Glass” is produced by vocalist/guitarist Spencer Bible, who throws shapes into space as well as any guitar slinger in a band with only 6 strings. Furiously spastic drummer, Mike Pellino produced the flipside, “DIORIA,” giving each member a crack at presenting the band’s music and giving each side a distinct feel and sound. Mike designed the fold out poster and Spencer hand sewed the cloth sheaths from your favorite upholstery from the 80s and 90s.