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………………………HEY YO! This Saturday at 5pm we’re throwing our annual shindig, Kitsch-As-Kitsch-Can IV and it’s official… it’s a HOOTENANNY.

13 bands total, including some of the best post-punk and rock ‘n roll from outer space and/or the Midwest. Bloody Show, Raw Pony, and Sex Tide from Columbus, OH! Animal Lover and The Cult of Lip from the Twin Cities! Toupee, DEN, Richard Album & the Singles from Chicago! Short Walk from Milwaukee! Anchored by 4 of Madison’s/Kitschy Manitou’s favorite local bands, including Dharma Dogs’ first Madison show in 2 years. BE THERE!!

Animal Lover (minneapolis, mn)

Bloody Show (columbus, oh)

Christian Dior (madison, wi)

Coordinated Suicides (madison, wi)

the Cult of Lip (minneapolis, mn)

DEN (chicago, il)

Dharma Dogs (madison, wi)

Raw Pony (columbus, oh)

Richard Album & The Singles (chicago, il)

Sex Tide (columbus, oh)

Short Walk (milwaukee, wi)

Toupée (chicago, il)

Wood Chickens (madison, wi)


IN ADDITION. Green Kid’s two EP’s cassette including “Silent Like a…” and “Maybe Sleep” are done and ready to go! This release is super limited to only 50 tapes and I just mailed exactly half of them to Green Kid in Hamburg, Germany. I’ve got 23 left and they’ll be available at Kitsch-As-Kitsch-Can!



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This weekend ZEBRAS (along with TENEMENT, The Hussy, American Dead, and The Moguls) packed the Majestic for an all Wisconsin (and nearly all local Madison) Isthmus Punk Fest and we had on hand, for the first time, the cassette version of Zebras’ newest album, “The City of Sun.”


photo by Jen Loberg

YOU CAN NOW ORDER THIS BEAUTIFUL CASSETTE OF THRASH METAL PUNK NOISE POWER AT THE KITSCH STORE. For fans of Slayer, Today is the Day, Ministry, Child Bite, Oozing Wound, etc….



The Zebras were kind enough to open the vaults of their Secret Records and give me the very few remaining cassette copies of their 2012 self-titled full length. For a low price you can have BOTH tapes to load your deck with some prime-Wisconsin punk/metal.

The tape run for “The City of Sun” is limited to 100. And that’s what we had BEFORE the release show… And there’s just a handful of the self-titled tapes left soooooooo………………….> web-store is here.

zebras deal

(bear not included).






I’m very happy to announce this cassette featuring one of my favorite new Madison bands and one of my old favorites.

First up is Wood Chickens. Griffin Pett and Alex Reilly’s cow punk ho down punk group. Sometimes they have a drummer. Sometimes they are acoustic. Sometimes they have a guy slamming the stump fiddle. They march to their own stump fiddle and don’t really care what you think about it. That’s what I like. They draw a lot of comparisons to the Dead Milkmen and The Meat Puppets. And that’s a good thing in my book. Quirky suburban goofball punk that I crave and identify with… Includes a cover of Paint’s “Stingray” as a peace offering…  There’s 6 or so dudes here and 16 minutes of tape, I’m glad they are all getting along.


Wood Chickens / Paint SPLIT CS

On the flipside is three songs from Madison power garage pop punkers, Paint. Last year they recorded a batch of 10 or so songs with garage rock turkmeister, Bobby Hussy. Most of them found their way on their “Wet Paint” EP. But perhaps, they saved their best for last. This side features live fan favorite, “House Arrest,” written, yes… while under house arrest. To-hell-and-back singer/bass player, Joe Darcy, then finishes off the split by torching the whole damn coop to ashes with “Southern Cut.”

Out very soon.

Wood Chickens have a small midwest tour this April, check them out!

4/14 – APPLETON, WI – The Train Station w/ The Minotaurs
4/15 – LACROSSE, WI – the Root Note w/ Moth Mountain
4/16 – DUBUQUE. IA – The Lift w/ The Hooten Hallers
4/17 – ROCKFORD, IL – Disastr House w/ TBA
4/18 – JOLIET, IL – The Drunken Donut w/ Seasonal Men‘s Wear, Highway Ruger Bandits, The RPMs, Pessimist Prime
4/19 – MILWAUKEE, WI – Bremen Cafe w/ Seven Costanza, Tim? the Enchanter, The Minotaurs
4/20 – MADISON, WI – The Vault w/ The Tea Heads, Seven Costanza,Gonzo Rongs
4/24 – CHICAGO, IL – Moe’s Tavern w/ The Holy Alimonies

New Site, New Tapes! Christian Dior – “Patriot Glass/DIORIA”


Hi all. So I got a new site, and I’m still working on it, but I hope you like it… it’s even easier to remember… it’s just WWW.KITSCHYMANITOU.COM

That’s kitschy as in OUTPUT and manitou as in YOU.

KITSCH-AS-KITSCH-CAN III was a huge success! Thanks to everyone and all the bands that made it out! Mute Swan killed in their Madison debut, and HOLY SHIT! ripped savage hardcore turds in their return! Paint played a furious (and shirtless) set and UZI Ferrari slung Marco Pogo approved power-pop ‘n roll. The Momotarōs did not die thanks to Momoburger McLees and Momojo Darcy.  And the cherry on the top was Christian Dior’s raucous set, and unveiling their new tape!

Christian Dior "Patriot Glass/DIORIA" package

Christian Dior “Patriot Glass/DIORIA” package

YAR! kitsch 007 has been born unto the world! Madison two piece, CHRISTIAN DIOR brings you this new offering for your cassette pyre. Mixing shoegaze, punk, garage, and probably The Deftones, Chrirstian Dior packs as powerful a punch as any band on the isthmus. This cassette is a double EP. “Patriot Glass” is produced by vocalist/guitarist Spencer Bible, who throws shapes into space as well as any guitar slinger in a band with only 6 strings. Furiously spastic drummer, Mike Pellino produced the flipside, “DIORIA,” giving each member a crack at presenting the band’s music and giving each side a distinct feel and sound. Mike designed the fold out poster and Spencer hand sewed the cloth sheaths from your favorite upholstery from the 80s and 90s.