First off, I made a new, hopefully easier to use store found here : http://kitschymanitou.bigcartel.com/

Secondly, Coordinated Suicides “False Pleasure” 7″s are HERE! Order above!

Next! The test presses for Static Eyes “The Thaw” 7″s have been approved! 3 rippin’ gems recorded by Amos Pitsch by Milwaukee’s garage punk vets are on the way, STAY TUNED.

ALSO! The test presses for Wood Chickens “Skunk Ape” 7″ have ALSO been approved! These 3 country fried punk tunes recorded by Bobby Hussy are sure to make you smile. SOON!

AND FURTHERMORE, I found a few long lost copies of Green Kid’s double EP cassette from when I moved…. THEY ARE BACK IN THE NEW WEBSTORE!

AND LASTLY. Brooklyn New York’s Law$uits hooked me up with a few copies of the cassette version of their new “Mature Moods” album. Check it out, for fans of Swell Maps, Marsh Hens, I don’t even know… it’s good.