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………………………HEY YO! This Saturday at 5pm we’re throwing our annual shindig, Kitsch-As-Kitsch-Can IV and it’s official… it’s a HOOTENANNY.

13 bands total, including some of the best post-punk and rock ‘n roll from outer space and/or the Midwest. Bloody Show, Raw Pony, and Sex Tide from Columbus, OH! Animal Lover and The Cult of Lip from the Twin Cities! Toupee, DEN, Richard Album & the Singles from Chicago! Short Walk from Milwaukee! Anchored by 4 of Madison’s/Kitschy Manitou’s favorite local bands, including Dharma Dogs’ first Madison show in 2 years. BE THERE!!

Animal Lover (minneapolis, mn)

Bloody Show (columbus, oh)

Christian Dior (madison, wi)

Coordinated Suicides (madison, wi)

the Cult of Lip (minneapolis, mn)

DEN (chicago, il)

Dharma Dogs (madison, wi)

Raw Pony (columbus, oh)

Richard Album & The Singles (chicago, il)

Sex Tide (columbus, oh)

Short Walk (milwaukee, wi)

Toupée (chicago, il)

Wood Chickens (madison, wi)


IN ADDITION. Green Kid’s two EP’s cassette including “Silent Like a…” and “Maybe Sleep” are done and ready to go! This release is super limited to only 50 tapes and I just mailed exactly half of them to Green Kid in Hamburg, Germany. I’ve got 23 left and they’ll be available at Kitsch-As-Kitsch-Can!


Coordinated Suicides – “Life is Beautiful” Cassette Release Show + Mini Tour



KITSCH 010 is here and it’s being released TONIGHT at the Vvenue. Coordinated Suicides’ “Life is Beautiful” is approximately 44 minutes of punishing, deranged punk noise and art sludge trash if there is such a thing…

This album was recorded this past winter, was mixed and mastered by underground metal demigod, Steve Austin,  and is now available on CASSETTE from kitschy manitou records. Just in time for Coordinated Suicides’ JAUNTAGE OF HECK-Mini tour. Below are the dates… STARTING TONIGHT.


5/28 – Madison – The Vvenue – w/ Flesh Lights (tx), MAMA (chic), and The New Villains, Spaceship Parts

5/29 – Chicago – Quencher’s – w/ Carnivores At Grace, MAMA, Ribbonhead

5/30 – Kalamazoo, MI – the Free Clinic (house)- w/ the Lippies, Mizzerables, UFOTOFU (IAN HOWELL’S BIRTHDAY)

5/31- Milwaukee – Bremen Cafe – w/ Beth Israel, Tim the Enchanter?, Evacuate the Earth

6/5 – Minneapolis – Hexagon – w/ Animal Lover, Whatever Forever, Wastrels