New 7″ Pre-orders

Static Eyes, wood chickens

Hi there. The new Wood Chickens and Static Eyes 7″s are here! Release show information will be released soon. We’ll be getting the jackets in very shortly, so I’ve decided to open pre-orders on both. They should be shipping out in the next couple weeks.


More Updates

Coordinated Suicides, Static Eyes, wood chickens

Razorcake Records compiled a compilation of Madison music as part of it’s “Tear A Cognita” series. This particular comp includes 20 tracks and leads with Coordinated Suicides’ “Marnie” which is A1 on False Pleasure! This comp also features the DEBUT of Wood Chicken’s song “Third Eye Blues” which is the B-side of their upcoming Skunk Ape 7″ on kitschy manitou! Check it out!

False Pleasure will be released in Madison on December 9th at Mickey’s! This show marks the Madison debut of new Milwaukee group, Sex Scenes, and also the live debut of new Madison band Twelves. Rounding out the bill is favorite post-art-rock band, Control!

And lastly, but not least…ly? Announcement to make bigly… Static Eyes are playing the Majestic in Madison for their Wisconsin Punk Fest on January 12th! DO NOT MISS IT!!!! I cannot say The Thaw will be available for that show… But you should definitely see this band on that stage. Also features some primo Wisconsin rock ‘n roll

Wood Chickens – Skunk Ape 7″ KITSCH 014

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Our next 7″ release is being announced! WOOD CHICKENS – SKUNK APE will be a 3 song vinyl single. Skunk Ape will be on their debut vinyl LP that will be out on Big Neck Records in the near future, but this supporting single will be backed with two 7″-exclusive tracks! The Wood Chickens have been touring the Midwest and beyond almost non-stop since we released their split cassette and this record reflects that and their current lineup–they are road tight, and ho-in’ down at turbo speeds, like Hank Hill’s riding lawnmower on nitro-boosters. Recorded by Bobby Hussy. COMING SOON!!!