KITSCH 009 on the way… Silent Like a… GREEN KID.


I’m happy to announce the next piece of the puzzle for kitschy manitou… kitsch 009…

Green Kid – “Silent Like A…” Cassette!

Green Kid is the brain child of Justin Jardine, a Stoughton, WI native that now resides in Vienna, AUSTRIA. Green Kid is Justin’s outlet for his pop-punk musings. It reminds me of catchy and ripping introspective punk rock ala Squirrel Bait or “Everything Sucks” era Descendents.

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For this EP, Jardine enlisted Madison-by-way-of-Fox Valley¬†pop + punk vets Hart Miller (Wartorn/Blackwell Beauties/Tenement, etc…) and Tyler Ditter (Disembodied Monks/Blackwell Beauties/Dusk/Pioneer¬†etc…) to help bring the songs to life and they do just that.

A killer Madison band that we can only physically experience through this cassette offering! NO SLEEP TIL DEPORTATION.