Something Wicked This Way Comes… ZEBRAS – THE CITY OF SUN (kitsch cassette 011)



I am elated to announce the next cassette release on kitschy manitou…




For those of you who don’t already know, Zebras are a Madison-Milwaukee based three piece thrash cult/family band. The City of Sun was released earlier this year on their own house label, Secret Records, but we have the distinct pleasure of putting it out on the format that metal lives and dies on — audio cassette.

This Wisconsin favorite has been slowly spiraling into the depths of metal for years, and its been well documented over the course of three 12″ releases. Starting as a weirdo art-spazz wave punk band, things got heavier and thrashier with the conscription of drum phenom, Shane Hochstetler, of Call Me Lightning and HOWL STREET fame. It all seemed fun and games at the time. As metal as the album gets, Vincent Presley’s love of Ministry-esque industrial and Lacey Smith’s dark synth bass lines and textures create an undercurrent that sets the band apart from genre-clutching tag-mongers. Call them whatever you want, it won’t save you or your sanity from the tortured descent into the deep/dank recesses of your of mind; carving and retching out every drop of wiener kid left in your pathetic mortal shell with savage geometry, hurled from unholy electric mechanisms, bound and beaten with skin-stretched traps, and seared clean with agonizing hellfire and spittle… until you are delivered, reborn at the gates of THE CITY OF SUN.